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Northern Iowa Tilage

Was around the Fort Dodge area couple of weeks ago and noticed how much the fields get worked. Looked like the fields were perfect for planting and guys were field cultivating another time. Is there a reason the fields are worked so many times before planting?
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BA Deere
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Re: Northern Iowa Tilage

Probably to open them up and get them to dry out.  It`s some heavy soil around there and it needed air.  What I don`t like to see is those that work the ground up like a garden, smooth ready to plant in the fall and it can blow in a open winter.  I could`ve posted pictures of dirt/snow banks last winter, but thought the better of it.

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Re: Northern Iowa Tilage

BA...We have the same situation up here [Nort. Cent. Wi.]. Some tillage has too be done in Spring to get fields too dry out and ground worked in Fall usually results in Spring erosion. Some tiling starting too be done.......tile lines have too be 20-25 ft.apart too be effective and heavy downpours create their own surface ditches [ erosion]



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