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I'm planning a few acres of dryland oats for grain in about 6 weeks and I've never raised them before.  What are my do's and don'ts?


I'm considering blending the seed with a couple pounds of turnip and radish seed to provide the ground with what I hope is a little weed suppression after the oats are harvested this summer.  Any thoughts?  Central Kansas locale.

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Re: Oats

hello shaggy.  I planted oats a couple of years ago, and then a few years before that.  I usually planted around 2 bu (64 #)

an acre...some might say it is a bit thick.  really nothing special.  i guess putting some turnups would be ok, but i think

they might kind of crowd each other out, a bit different than in alfalfa, where turnups usually used.

throw on a little N and phos, depends if needed to be sprayed....should yeild 50 bu an acre or so.  my grandpa

said if you don't do 40 bu an acre, you did something wrong.

i suspect you are going to keep them at home for feed.  if you are going to haul to town, check before you plant.

i was thinking about it this spring, just to be different.........well i would need to haul them at least 60 miles, none of the

local elevators will take them, or want them.

don't know if you ever cut oats.....the dust off of them will drive you nuts and make you talk to yourself.


good luck.


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Re: Oats

Your radishes will bolt and go to seed with the oats. If I was going to under seed I would use some type of clover. Different clover types are best in different situations so you would have to determine that or you could just plant a cover crop post harvest. Don't be afraid to plant up to 3 bu per acre for the oats. Phosphate is good for standability. Too much N can cause lodging and less is often more. Your fertilizer guy will probably try to sell you too much. We've got over 100bu yields in SD the last two years with 30 pounds of N. My neighbor followed these recommendations and did even better and I know he wasn't just talking.
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Re: Oats

Thanks for the replies, I'm still planning on the oats, turnips and radishes but not for grain.  I'll plant them in a couple weeks and use them solely for hay, grazing and hopefully the brassicas will provide a little weed suppression.

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