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Off-target herbicide movement


I've written about some of the off-target movement potential of some new herbicide technologies coming on board in next year or so--the 2,4-D-tolerant one (Enlist by Dow) and dicamba-tolerant one (by Monsanto, with both Monsanto/Dow making the herbicides for it.


Both of these systems feature new 2,4-D and dicamba formulations that cut down on off-target movement potential quite a bit--but they also are recommending use of nozzles to reduce drift and believe there are recommendations on wind speed.


Do you think farmers/applicators are up to speed on these things? 


When everyone was Roundup, a little off-target movement didn't hurt things, but when you have different technologies out there and things like acreages/vinyards out there, off-tgt movement becomes more of a concern. 



GIl Gullickson

Crops Technology Editor

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Re: Off-target herbicide movement

Bigger farmers do their own spraying, but many smaller farmers prefer to have the local COOP or commercial sprayer do the work.  So, the issue might be does the big time sprayer know the new rules?

I do my own spraying because I can pick the timing and I don't spray in bad wind.  Big sprayers tend to spray in anything short of a gale.  Lots of opportunity for drift.

Also, I often have an idea of what is planted around me - big sprayers likely have no idea what my neighbor has out.  Are those soybeans liberty or round up?

There is little doubt that farmers who do their own spraying need to get up to speed on current rules and technologies, and I have little doubt we could all do better.

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Re: Off-target herbicide movement

Agree with Jim, spray only when the weather is right.  Also use as big of nozzle as possible, big drops travel less.  Keeping the boom at the correct height is also a must.

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Re: Off-target herbicide movement

jim is correct in his assessment. alot of very expensive tomatoes seem get hit (alledgedly) by of target spray drift.

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