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Palmer amaranth


I am sorting out some interviews I've had regarding weeds and weed management and the subject of Palmer amaranth keeps coming up. It's made some inroads in Iowa recently, but I got the impression at an ISU meeting last week that it hasn't spread that much since being initially detected.

Have any of you seen it or heard about it in your area?



Gil Gullickson
Crops Technology Editor, Successful Farming



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Re: Palmer amaranth

Western KY. back water floated some in for the first time on our farm this year . We put them in a bag as easy as we could and hauled them out of the field.I believe chicken litter should have to be composted long enought to kill the germ. before it is transported off of the chicken farms.

Re: Palmer amaranth

Nothing around me near Iowa City.  Muscatine had some.

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