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Parameters of manure composting for organic fertilizer

1). C/N ratio: C/N balance of compost mixture is the key factor for microorganisms to achieve better biological activity. The C/N ratio of compost mixture should be kept at 25-35:1.


2). Humidity: Aerobic composting should generally be maintained at 40-70%.


3). Acidity and alkalinity: Acidity and alkalinity vary with the types of compost mixtures and different stages of composting process. Normally, they need not be regulated. If they need to be regulated, they can be regulated by adding alkaline or acidic substances to the mixture before the beginning of composting degradation.

windrow turnerwindrow turner

4). Other design parameters: Rectangular fermentation stacking composting mode, the windrow turner should be used regularly to turn the pile, so that the temperature is kept below 75℃, and the turning frequency is 2-10 days/time. The width and depth of rectangular stacks are limited only by the overturning equipment. The stacks are generally 1.2-1.8 meters deep and 1.8-3 meters wide. The height of the compost is usually 2.5-4.5 meters, and the width is usually twice the depth. Fermentation tank composting, need to build fermentation tank, fermentation tank length is unlimited.

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