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Plant 2015 is Done for Me

I almost hate to say anything in fear I'll set myself up for disaster down the road and I don't want to toot my own horn especially after reading many others have had a planting season from hell, but I had a very productive 4 days and was able to get all my milo crop in the ground.  Had a 19 hour day on the final day and closed the door on the shed at straight up midnight which was Tuesday or I guess Wednesday had just begun.  Good thing too, we've had about 1.5" of nearly perfect rain on it Thursday and today.  Due to my time crunch, I decided to keep the planter parked and opted to seed all my crop with a grain drill which isn't as accurate but in my case much faster, 30' drill as opposed to a 20' planter.  You know me, pictures will begin shortly.

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Re: Plant 2015 is Done for Me

I tend to feel the market is ignoring the Fact that 25% of the usa beans are not planted YET.


just to wet....matter of fact alot of those may not even be planted this year.



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Re: Plant 2015 is Done for Me

I may have had my best planrin season ever this year also. Unfortunately I've been done for over a month, with no real rain to sleek of since. Remember in March or April when I was going to loan you a couple inches of rain??? I could use that payoff sooner than I thought.
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