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Plant-Based Company Runs out of "Sellable Inventory"

"Currently, VegReady is out of sellable inventory. On August 5th, 2019 all active monthly subscriptions were stopped due to low inventory. If you were subscribed, your credit card will not be charged again and you will not receive automatic deliveries. A new message will appear on this section of the website when we have an update. All meals have a Best By Date of September 13th, 2019 and a Shelf Life of November 13th, 2019 - We will release two new lines of meals later this year. Stay tuned!"  - VegReady

Cool-down coming - fall of reckoning?:

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Re: Plant-Based Company Runs out of "Sellable Inventory"

It`s good there`s more interest in people eating healthy these days.  I eat steak with my vegetables, but with corn and bean prices i`ve had to go from Ribeyes down to sirloins and hamburgers   Smiley Happy

I`d like to see the top bean pods filling a little faster as we`re getting into September.  I doubt there`ll be any bean combining on the way to the Spencer Fair this year, usually early birds in the sandy area around Cylinder, Iowa have beans ready to go about this time of year.

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Re: Plant-Based Company Runs out of "Sellable Inventory"

What I found interesting was: 

How can a plant-based company run out of plants during summertime? How do grocery stores run out of canned vegetables during summertime? All at the same time that companies who make the tinned cans for canned vegetables and other food products see the need for layoffs due to lack of harvest during summertime?  Have you ever heard of all that happening in the same summer in your lifetime? 

If they were using last year's harvest to make their current end-products, then there wasn't enough harvested last year in a so-called good year to see them through to this year's harvest.  That tells me there is nothing left in the bin.  Can you imagine next year after this year's lack of appreciable harvest?  (Reputable commodity traders are already likening this year's US harvest to 2012.)

Maybe it IS just more interest in eating what is perceived by the masses as clean, but then shouldn't there be a huge media-wide push by the vegan Lefts to demand legislation that farmers MUST transition their grain-grown-for-meat-and-ethanol acres into growing vegetables to feed their little vegan faces and "save the planet"?   Haven't seen that...yet.

Funny story:  Remember when food prices rose so quickly last time around due to exceptionally bad weather and other political issues, causing tension around the world?  Two years before that all began, there was a commodities trader who was blogging that, through his observations in the field (he was also highly interested in actual farming and had many contacts in that respect and also many other contacts throughout the world), food prices would soon begin to rise quickly and dramatically.  His logic was irrefutable, so we immediately began to prepare.

Those bells are ringing again.

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Re: Plant-Based Company Runs out of "Sellable Inventory"

That particular company -- might have more to do with product sources in Peru, than in the US.

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