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Planter's In The Shed

The planter is all loaded and ready to go, but with the week's forecast of rain and cool temperatures I made the decision to let the seed sit in the planter box rather than stuff it into a cold, damp environment.


I'd like the seed to soak up (imbibe) it's water load in 48 hours after planting, but I'd like it to be in an environment that is conducive to growth.


If I had a lot of acres, I'd probably load up with seed treatment and plant it but I'm getting small enough now I can play some games with the weather and figure it's an acceptable risk.

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Re: Planter's In The Shed

As a seller of seed, I commend your patience!  Many people seem to forget how quickly we really CAN get the crop in the ground with todays equipment.  I see some replant coming into play here in Iowa as some fields were planted early enough the radicle was out when this cold wet snap happened, and 2 weeks without sunshine...My hat is off to you!

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Imbibational Chilling

Her'e an Iowa State piece that says soaking up cold water may not be the best for the corn kernel.

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