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Planting progress in southern states

Last week I posted an article about planting being done in the southern states. At that point, very little had been done thanks to rain after rain after rain.


If any of you farm in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, or other southern states, I'd like to hear if you've started planting. If not, when do you think you'll be able to?


Also, what crops are you planting this year? More soybeans than corn? Are you planting more sorghum this year?

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Re: Planting progress in southern states

Morning Jess - I posted this up in Marketing before I seen this - so here it is again - just for you - lol



Some interesting info - I recieved from a very good friend . Also Talked to good friend down in LA this morning - said that any corn that was planted was mudded in - Believe it's April 15 for insurance cut off date for corn . Very Wet and cool down there - even sleet with some snow .


TX corn plantings 14% versus 19% LY and 37% average.
TX sorghum planting 7% versus 14% LY and 28% average.
LA corn planting 1% versus 17% LY and 48% average.       Topsoil 76% surplus
MS corn planting 0% planted versus 7% LY and 17% average.       Topsoil 84% surplus
AR corn planting 0% versus 8% LY and 11% average.
Corn planting badly delayed in South


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Re: Planting progress in southern states

Good morning!


Thanks for reposting. That's spot on with what I've been hearing. That April 15 date is going to be here before we know it, and there's a lot of corn that isn't in the ground yet.

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Re: Planting progress in southern states

Here south of Findlay illinois maybe 2% corn has been planted. Put on NH3 and was too wet for that. No dust behind tractor at all. . 6 on 4/19/15 AGAIN. NOW COLDSmiley Sad((
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