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Planting soybean seed after RR 1 trait expiration


The Roundup Ready 1 trait is set to expire after the 2014 growing season. Would this prompt any of you to plant generic RR 1 soybean varieties for 2015?


It's my understanding most if not all soybean varieties contain other patents that federal law protects, but just trying to get a handle of any who might be able to find/plant generic trait varieties. 


Gil Gullickson

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Re: Planting soybean seed after RR 1 trait expiration

Man O man we lost our Mexican beer drinker too soon for this was a hot button issue for him.


I don't think I could even come close to doing this justice on his behalf.


First off who moved the goal posts? This thing is already off patient. Not for the '15 year but now.


Second thing is all those other phony baloney little co traits that are protected. Bull hockey on that too.


The best beans I have planted in the last 10 years have been discontinued 3 years ago. I talked to the co that provided them and their answer is that is old genetics and we discontinued them.

But they are covered under "our patents" ... You have them covered but have now refused to sell them or even produce them for 3 years now? You might want to consult a legal eagle on how valid that is when you can't or will not produce the product in a timely manner and significant quantity.


As not one co I know of is producing RR1's the opportunity is there for the taking.


Those other traits and tie ups are as meaningless as a trace of rain in a drought.


If not produced in the same style/combination and traits it is not the same as was patented and should therefore be annulled.


I need a beer and have a hankering for some popcorn too.





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