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Poor burndown kill

We started off last fall spraying authority where we wanted to plant beans this spring on no-till acres.  We then turned off wet and warm this spring and so didn't get in to spray a burndown until mid-May.  We used 48 oz. glyphosate, Sharpen, another half rate of authority, and crop oil for a burndown.  The waterhemp looked dead within a few days the giant ragweed looked sickly gray but now has all come back alive.  The waterhemp within a wk. was putting on new leaves at the bottom of the plant and the ragweed was putting green leaves out on top.  Any suggestions of what to do at this point.  Can't tear up the beans as we have an excellent stand.  This includes 800 acs.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: Poor burndown kill

Have you looked at Warrant (acetechlor)?

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Re: Poor burndown kill

Firstrate will help with your post glyphosate on giant ragweed...but I haven't a clue what to do for your waterhemp. A mix of Synchrony and Firstrate with enough crop oil and nitrogen used to be hell on wheels for pigweed....but I'm at a loss if it will work over waterhemp. You can use both Synchrony and Firstrate together on RR beans with some glyphosate....might be worth a shot.


I haven't a clue if there would be any interaction with your Authority...we're getting so many mixes together that the researchers can't keep up with them any more...




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