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Pushin` the Flexstar envelope

Some are going until July 12th, it`ll be awhile before beans shade 30" rows and waterhemp isn`t taking the summer off.  The label says "10 months for corn" , well how do we know next spring we`ll be planting before May 12th?  And "10 months", is that a magical date where you`re 100% safe if you plant corn 10 months and 1 day later and totally screwed if you plant corn 9 months and 29 days after a Flexstar app?

I suppose if it`s dry the next 12 months it could lay dormant and take next years corn for a ride or if it`s wet and metabolizes 9 months later wouldn`t be a problem for next yrs corn.  Like everything in farming, as much of a art as a science and being lucky is always better than being smart.   Smiley Happy

I wonder if moldboard plowing this years bean stubble would help?   I bet it would, burying the residue 8" deep.

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Re: Pushin` the Flexstar envelope

Seems like all the spring tillage and planting in our area was about 2 - 3 weeks behind

"normal" this year.  When I wrap up spraying my beanies tomorrow this will be the first

year I can recall spraying Flexstar in July.  Typically plant corn about the last week in April

so we'll see if this year is an "outlier" or not.  Need to check on how long this solar minimum

cycle is supposed to last.

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Re: Pushin` the Flexstar envelope

ISO, there`s 90`s on the way about everyday in the 7 day.  Something you rarely hear me say,  we need a rain, it`s probably good pre tassel to be dry so the roots go down, but after 7 days of 90 and no rain, there will be hurting fields...80 degrees curls corn around here.  We were promised 6/10ths and got 2/10ths but the Byron Minnesota area got floods again with several inches.


Have to ask seed dealers what numbers are most tolerant of Fomesafen carryover for next year.   

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