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Pushy weeds



Illinois farmer Steve Lustfeldt found this waterhemp growing through a cob, and sent it along. "Wish beans would have this much push coming out of the ground," he commented.  


The other day, I was marvelling at a healthy, young cottonwood tree that was growing through a crack in the concrete divider at an I-80 interchange. Seemed like a totally inhospitable environment for a plant, but no problem for that tree, its leaves shimmering in the breeze created by truck traffic and such. 


Anyone ever seen a weed oddities like this waterhemp--demonstrating the power of our "competitors"? 





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Re: The water hemp way



This is the courthouse in Greensburg Indiana - That tree has been there since I can remeber - and I'm 56  - BTW it's still there , lol

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Re: The water hemp way



Remining me of old times. Spent part of the summer in 1971 building poured concrete silos in the Greenville area. Stayed in an old downtown Hotel down the street from the courthouse with the tree in the roof. Locals told me that the tree has died a few times, but that birds apparently drop cherry seeds that regrow it each time. Always wondered where it got it's water from.

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