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R U Testing Soils?

Some of you know him and/or know of him. But, my crop consultant source shared a note with me, regarding soil testing. I'm curious as to whether you fall or spring soil test? Do you see the benefits of it. Here's what Dave Mowers, AIM for the Heartland, Inc. consulting agronomist says about it.


"Many farmers and fertilizer dealers were unable to get their Fall Soil Testing done this past fall.  Last fall had the earliest freeze-up I have seen in almost 40 years of doing this business.  It will force a lot of Soil Testing to be done this coming spring.  I can think of 10 reasons to do Spring Soil Testing:
Waiting on Spring Soil Testing enables the nutrients that are tied up in plant residues to be released after the residues decompose in order to give a truer reading of the remaining nutrients in the soil.
Spring Soil Testing gives you enough time to allow the ground to “settle” in the spring, which gets nutrients in a more stable condition.
Spring Soil Testing lets you have more time to make fall fertilizer decisions, rather than forcing those decisions to be made under the pressure of the rush season in the fall.
Spring Soil Testing assists you to have enough time to make up VRT spread maps so that you are ready to spread fertilizer as soon as your fields are harvested.
Spring Soil Testing permits you to get fertilizer and lime purchased ahead of time which can create opportunity for early order discounts.
Spring Soil Testing offers you more time to get lime stockpiled during the summer so that it is ready to be spread without delays while you wait in the fall to have lime delivered to the field.
Spring Soil Testing favors you to have more time to get lime from the quarry early enough that you don’t run the risk of having the quarry run out of lime.  That has been happening frequently in recent years.
Spring Soil Testing allows the laboratory adequate time to assure accuracy in the test readings.
Spring Soil Testing provides field crews adequate time to get to the fields and do a better job of sampling the fields.
Spring Soil Testing encourages better business management by motivating you to plan further ahead.
So, don’t think that missing out on Fall Soil Testing is a problem; it has created a huge opportunity!




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