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Rain Rain Rain

What a difference a couple inches of rain can make on a crop when you need it.  Central Kansas was fortunate to receive nice rains two night in a row totaling nearly 2" in my area.  More precip. in the forecast for the next couple of days.  I think my dryland corn has grown 6" this past couple of days and my dryland grain sorghum about 1.5".  Coming from an area that receives about 20" annually, this is a very welcome blessing.  Should be enough moisture to carry corn into tasseling if it doesn't get extremely hot, at that time we will be hoping for more (you guessed it), RAIN.  I am really considering planting some summer cover crop blends on a few acres now.  If I get them seeded as soon as the topsoil dries, I should have plenty of moisture for emergence.

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Re: Rain Rain Rain

  A surprise rain here in NW Ohio too.  2" over 2 days, Sunday and Monday.

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