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Recommend Good Precision Ag Magazines?

I am an instructor with the agriculture program at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. I want to beef up the precision ag magazines and trade publications I have avaiable for my students. Can you recommend good publications I should subscribe to?



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Re: Recommend Good Precision Ag Magazines?

I'm not sure there are any "must have" precision ag magazines.  The field is changing very quickly.  Most general ag magazines now have precision ag articles.


What is your objective?  If it to develop a reference library, times are changing too quickly.


You may need to see if you can find magazines that are pretty technical and focus on certain aspects of GPS rather than have a specific industry focus. 


Maybe you could check into various GPS courses and see what they use for references.  


Sorry I'm not more help.  I'll watch to see if others come up with some good ideas that I should follow, as well. 

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Re: Recommend Good Precision Ag Magazines?

I am really just seeking to have a selection of current periodicals on a variety ag topics available to my students, and for my use, to stay abreast of current topics. I've got a list of various species-specific publications, plus some general ones and a couple of weekly ag papers.


I am reluctant to bring in a GIS publication since it wouldn't necessarily have ag-related info in it every issue.


I would be open to suggestions on good crop production-focused publications, too. 

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