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Residual preemergence soybean herbicides


About every weeds meeting I go to includes a discussion about applying residual preemergence herbicides to take the pressure off a sole post emergence herbicide.


Is this getting to be a common practice in your area?



Gil Gullickson

Crops Technology Editor

Successful Farming 

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Re: Residual preemergence soybean herbicides

I'd say yes, many are using residuals in beans.  Trying to close the gap between pre-emergence contact killers and canopy.  I can't say I'm thrilled with the results.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Residual preemergence soybean herbicides

Yes - I would say around here that pre-s are laid down more so - with all the mares tail problems - I have had pretty good luck with a product call thunder master = generic for extreme = it has Pursuit in it + roundup and also a oz of Sharpen - really there have been times - I thought - for a second to skip the clean up pass right before canopy.   

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