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SCN Females Showing Up Early


Greg Tylka's observations and outlook for the future of SCN-resistant soybeans is sobering.  Where do we go from here?  I hope we aren't in a "just put a higher dose of roundup on it" phase, as we don't even have that option.


We may need to actually promote crop rotation and field sanitation practices to expand our options in dealing with diseases that seem to be being exacerbated by monoculture.


Maybe we need to rotate that rolling ground back into hay or pasture every few years.  1950's all over again.  Whod a thunk it?

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Re: SCN Females Showing Up Early


Oh, I think crop rotation--true crop rotation, with small grains/pasture with livestock--is what soil health folks have been saying for some time. That would help immensely from a pest standpoint for SCN and all kinds of pests.


The problem, of course, is paying the bills like corn/soybeans do, and the entire infrastructure that revolves around those two crops. Agronomically, using today's technology would help bring those 1950s crop rotations to life. Not sure, though (unfortunately) it would work out economically. It's worth looking at, though.


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