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Seed companies too early?

A Wisconsin farmer asks, "why do seed companies think farmers are ready to make their buying decisions by Oct 15? Corn harvest hasn't really started yet!" What's your view? Is it too early to start talking seed purchases?
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Re: Seed companies too early?

Being in seed sales in Wisconsin your right - it is plenty early to be dropping off seed books and trying to get meetings set to discuss 2011 inputs BUT - if we don't a few things happen:

#1 - Depending on the size of the grower you may lose out on some large savings with early pay discounts or promotions - even the smallest of acres can help boost their bottom line by early purchases.

#2 - If we wait until harvest or after we are the last one at the farm gate and growers will feel as though you put them off - unless you have the relationship with an agronomist/sales specialist that understands when you start doing your farm plan AND the sales agronomist communicates by farm visits throughout the growing season.

#3 - Seed that has a proven track record will sell out early - I mean within days of being available your sales people will wholesale as much as allowed to have it available for the early purchasers/early commitments - literally once December rolls around some desired hybrids are no where to be found until growers start returning product or wholesale products are released early spring.

#4 - This is probably more directly related to Wisconsin but once harvest is done - deer season looms and good luck meeting with a grower that deer hunts until after deer hunting season!!!

#5 - If you work with a cooperative or the like your sales person will most likely be giving not only seed pricing but also fertilizer and chemical pricing with outlook information going into the following year.

#6 - Communication is the key of life - if you have several sales people calling on you this fall - let them know you have an e-mail to give you a heads up on discounts and promotions and let them know when an appropriate timeline for your farm is - no one likes to be turned away on a sales call - they really will listen!

Good luck I hope your harvest is bountiful and safe!


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