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Re: Sidedress N options

Would need to do a lot of looking to get exact amounts but know we spread higher rates of urea because since that time have only used minimum 28% as a carrier with the preplant herbicide.  Best guess is 50 lbs actual N with ammonium nitrate and 85 lbs actual N using urea.  Some preplant 28% was offset by  placing 35 lbs actual N (mostly urea) in 2X2 with the planter.  Really didn't do test strips but yield using ammonium nitrate was nearly 50 bu/acre above the average and the season conditions were similar.  Really a back-to-back- year so don't believe varieties had much to do with the increase.  Yields compared with ammonium nitrate haven't been as good  with urea, but haven't had great corn growing seasons and locally nearly everyone's yields have suffered.  I'm convinced it works and so is the coop.  They weren't  very positive about broadcasting but have recently made an "about face" and this winter had built a single-purpose machine to broadcast urea on corn because there was demand.   In the past not much demand for their tender in the summer so could use it rather than screw around with our wagon/auger which are a pain to clean.  Might not be so lucky this year and therefore might let them do the sidedressing and not need to cleanup anything. 

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