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Soft Red Wheat

Our SRW has not had nearly enought cold weather, it is about to start to joint in the next week or so. The forecast is for it to remain above to much above normal temps. until 21st. of Jan. was juet wondering if anyone has tried  some type of growth retardent to slow it down and if so how did it work.We had a late freeze a few yrs. ago in March and it realy hurt the wheat.  Thanks for any info. Edit to post, we got lucky weather turned a lot colder on the last of the month ,has really slowed down the growth , maybe it will be alright but it is awfuly near jointing to suit me. 

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Re: Soft Red Wheat

This last fall was a mess for us also and we have some big wheat and also took a long time to get milo harvested because the ground was too wet.  Finally froze ground in December and staying cold now..  Great moisture now.



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