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Soil Analysis Survey for College Senior Design Project

Hi everybody,
My name is Andrew Smyth and I am a senior in computer engineering at Lehigh University. I am currently working on my senior design project and in order to move forward, I need to better understand my target market. The project is to make a simple yet accurate digital device that can be used to test soil contents. I need feedback from you all so my group and I can design a device that is useful. Some of the topics I am looking for feedback on are why testing is important, what people want to find out from the tests, and what aspects of your current testing method could be improved. I would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this short survey to help make sure my group and I are moving in the right direction with the design of our project. Any additional comments or suggestions you have on this topic are more than welcome. 


The device would be handheld or a small size that could carried around by hand. It will take soil samples from your field, analyze the soil, and show on a display the results of the analysis. What the device will display will be determined from what soil characteristics people say are the most valuable.

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