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Soil moisture status


I just got this link from Dennis Todey and Laura Edwards at SD State about drought in South Dakota. Sounds like it is worsening.


What's the soil moisture situation like in your area? This is kind of a different situation in eastern SD, especially the NE part where I am from. The water situation was horrendous there from mid-2000s until 2011, when it started trending being a bit drier.


Gil Gullickson

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Re: Soil moisture status, for the SW usa

California is a very telling and likely foretelling story.


Just NO SNOWPACK like there used to be.


worst thing, is if you do get a decent snowpack, that is gone Way Early.

that is the trend of the past 15 years for SW High Country...many of the elevations to the 13,000 to 14,000 ft levels.


( most of the snow is melted out Now....which is long before Mid July when things used to be pretty much melted out ( quite a bit used to get melted out by the 1st part of August too, btw )


the areas we did get 100% snowpack,  were melted off to 38% of normal snow 3 weeks ago.


the mountain ranges with 10 to 30% snowpack were melted to 0% 3 weeks ago.


the "wash" corn is still producing anywhere from 80 to 800 bu per acre ( depends on the year and it is not yellow dent corn ).


quite a few far SW ranches are liquidating cows...big deals say 1,500 cows per ranch.

half go to slaughter....and half go to Central New Mexico which is the Gateway to feed fartther East and Northeast.


if Noah and the Ark show there's plenty of space to put it.  MO 

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Re: Soil moisture status

Central Kansas is dry, extremely dry.  Forecasted rains and storms for much of next week so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed.


Any dryland planting completed up to this point is a gamble for even emergence, but have seen very few planters or drills rolling yet.  Very little (if any this year due to milo price) dryland corn planted in this area and most soybeans go in about mid May.

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Re: Soil moisture status

Here in central IA the average rainfall for the first 4 months of the year is 8.44.  We have received 4.36

inches so far.  Not all of Iowa is this dry.  To have perfect planting conditions we need below average Spring rain.  That is what we have.  Most of the corn planted in good moisture and a lot of beans planted too.  Some corn up.  1 to 2 inches forecast for the next 7 days.  I have noticed that we received about 25% of what is forecast.  Subsoil is good to fair.  As the heat cranks up so  will the need for more average rain fall. 

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