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Soybean inoculant?

Has anybody had any experience with Graph-Ex Soybean seed inoculant and lubricant? We haven't had much luck with other seed inoculants-bridgeing and or sticking to the seed. I don't know if Graph-Ex is new or not, but I just ran across it. Thanks for any help.

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BA Deere
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Re: Soybean inoculant?

I`ve used it with JD seed meters and it worked good.  With a air planter I`ve used Cell Tech liquid or Vault hp, only used liquid with the air planter.  A friend with a White planter uses liquids, with good luck.  Gotta stir it up good and not put on more than recommended.  The Graph-ex, I think takes care of the need to use graphite on the meters, if I`m right then don`t use the graphite in addition.

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