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Soybean jumpstart formula for drought stricken crop

After four weeks with no rain , our double crop beans are severly stunted and on high ground some have died and the rest are still in the straw.We received .6 of rain last night and we have a 50% chance Wednesday , if we pick up more rain we will spray an insecticide since bugs are galore in the stunted fields.    Was wondering if anyone had ideas for foliour feeding, We have used coron and progerm and sure k before.The yield potential on these is 30 bushels at best so we cannot over egg the program.Anybody have experience with soysoap as a yield enhanser.TIA

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Re: Soybean jumpstart formula for drought stricken crop

Another idea if you have a local coop that handles Windfield Solutions goodies would be to look at their micronutrient line-up.  I've tried a couple of their products this season and have been very pleased with the visual response.  The plus is that they run around $5-$6.50 an acre, so they don't break the bank.  Hope this helps

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