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Sprayer calibration




Do you or your custom sprayer calibrate before spraying season starts or in the midst of spraying season? I's time consuming, but with the advent of all the new chemistries coming on board (dicamba-tolerance, 2,4-D tolerance, etc) it seems like it's recommended more than it used to be.



Gil Gullickson

Crops Technology Editor

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Re: Sprayer calibration



I have recalibrated, but don't as much as I might.  I don't use the touchy new herbicides.  I agree that if I did I'd be more worried about using the right nozzle and getting the right results.


I can see the day when saving calibration results might be an issue in a lawsuit or environmental complaint.


It's one of those things that go bad slowly.  Sometimes it doesn't affect the result and sometimes it might.  It's one more thing to take up time and effort and which doesn't appear to have an immediate payoff.  The temptation is to skip it.  And, we can probably get by with it much of the time.


Do the commercials recalibrate?  Do they always use the right nozzle/  Do they never spray when the wind is high?  I leave that answer to your imagination.  🙂

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