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Super dry in wheat country

Talked with a friend of mine in western Kansas who's wrapping up planting. I e-mailed him, asking how dry it is and the first words of his e-mail back to me were "Oh man, not good." They will need some good rain between now and winter dormancy if the crop's going to come back to life next spring. Could be a lot of winterkill without it. 


Here's more on the condition of the wheat crop.


Any wheat farmers out there facing GOOD conditions going into winter? 

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Re: Super dry in wheat country

I talked with my crop insurance man the other day and he deals with alot of wheat producers in northwest Ohio and they are also very dry. He said many of the wheat producers their took advantage of high prices and contracted most of there expected crop, so the very dry conditions are making guys nervous. Great corn harvesting weather though!

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Re: Super dry in wheat country

Very little wheat looks healthy enough to survive a harsh winter.  Very dry.   I had 3 trees moved with a spade and the ground is bone dry 4 ft. deep.  Cattle are still in pasture which is the latest ever in 17 yrs.

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Re: Super dry in wheat country

In Ontario wheat is in good/excellent condition going into winter.

Adequate moisture and planted early in good conditions.

It is still possible to plant morefor another week or so and get at least a fair crop if conditions are right.

The largest area of wheat is Soft Red Winter but there are other areas that grow hard wheat, soft white and there is also a sizable area planted to spring wheat.

Usually about 1 million tonnes exported from Ontario in a year.

Now contracting for $220/t for soft red, other kinds higher so should be lots planted this year.

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