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Tallest Soybean Plant Ever

I challenge any crop scout, out stomping through Midwestern fields, to find a taller soybean plant than this one. HOLY COWSKY. A central Iowa farmer stoped me along the highway, yesterday, reached back into his truck-bed and pulled this monster out of it.


I'm 6'0 ft. tall. It nearly reached my chin. I'm pretty sure this is the tallest soybean plant that I've ever seen. IT has about 100 pods. And the impressive thing about it, the pods are growing all the way to the top of the plant.


What do you think? 

Tallest Soybean Plant 2016.jpg



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BA Deere
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Re: Tallest Soybean Plant Ever

I don`t want to be "one of those repliers" but is it really "100 pods" on the plant or were some of the branches pulled off?   It looks healthy, pods aren`t low to the ground (which I like).  The only thing, I`m not a fan of tall beans, seems like they lodge for me before harvest and for me anyway, the tall beans aren`t my best yielders.

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