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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Third herbicide pass

The goofy spring had me out early with a winter annual burndown which I followed by a pre-emercence spraying of both corn and beans.  I was really pleased with weed control.  I was worried that herbicides didn't have enough rain to activate but they seemd to be doing OK, or was it the lack of moisture?  We got a 1/2" 10 days ago and the weeds exploded.  So, I got back out with a heavy dose of glyphosate and some fields had a little kicker added it.  Grains are growing slowly and weeds are not being shaded by canopies.  So, this week I hit the beans again and will hire a high boy to go through the corn.  I suppose this could be throwing good money after bad, but I don't think the crops can stand any competition for nutrients so I'm going to spend the money. 

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