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Weed control


Obviously, the dicamba off-target situation has been consuming lots of writing time this summer. Was wondering, though, have there been any weed control problems this year? I saw some kochia in soybean fields when I was up in NE South Dakota in soybean fields that was new.


Gil Gullickson

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Re: Weed control

It was too dry for residual products to recharge in some cases.  And beans are shorter and we don`t get the canopy advantage this year, even in drilled beans.  I am pleased with my Corvus in corn though, I think it was wet enough early that the corn was able to canopy.

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Re: Weed control

Corn looks pretty clean to me.  Beans are also pretty clean, but beans usually show the weeds around early August.  I see a lot of Canada thistles in the road ditches and fencelines this year.  Too bad monarch butterflies don't like them.

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