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Weedy Soybeans

I had the worst waterhemp in soybeans I've ever had.  I've been on Liberty for 3 years and was especially careful this year to be very aggressive with my herbicides.  

Burndown 2 wks early 2,4-d, glyphosate

Pre-emerge glyphosate, Valor

Post-emerge - Liberty, Outlook


The fields look perfect until about the 1st of August, then the waterhemp emerged.


Some adjacent fields were pretty weedy but some were almost perfectly clean.  


I have to do something different.  Go back to Glyphosate post?  

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Re: Weedy Soybeans

Morning Jim - Well you did get after it with your program - But we are not fighting waterhemp as bad as you are - I don't have any of it as of now - but it's coming - so what I say is just me thinking out loud - You said you applied 2-4-d- 2 weeks early - that tell me that you used only a pint - which here - you would have as good of luck if you pee'd on it - a pint just don't work here any more - I use a quart = hae to wait 1 month to plant - IF you can hit that window - I have not used Valor before so have no idea on that product , My best just is the waterhemp was a late flush that the post missed - - The Liberty may __  May have been applied just a little early , But Gly as a post only to fight waterhemp will not work .


When I have a problem like this - I rethink - just what I did - used - and the conditions it was applied - most of the time - the answer will be there - conditions at the time of app pops up alot .


I will ask some of my app buddies what they see working on this problem and get back with yeah -



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Re: Weedy Soybeans



Did the beans stay short this year ---- less canopy?    Are they drilled in 10 inch rows or less? Or are they 30 inch rows..?  still thinking canopy.... we just did not get early growth from the beans after the wet May...

Conditions and timing are often bigger issues than chemical affectiveness.


That is a very strong program.....  I always liked liberty in corn for my volunteer killing rotation.  I was always a little late with it and corn was getting canopied 

How about the new 24d tolerant beans?  would they help here.... or are they just insurance against drift?

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Re: Weedy Soybeans

I've used sonic pre-emerg, and glysophate post for two years. Working great for now.
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