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What affects hull retention with hulless barleys?

We contract for quite a bit of hulless barley for both the feed and food markets. I have noticed an extreme variance in the percentage of hull retention from year to year. There seems to be no correlation with the growers involved or their geographical location. Is there anything besides grain kernel moisture or combine concave settings that would be affecting this? Ideally it would thresh out like wheat, but we sometimes have just 5% hull retention and sometimes 50%. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: What affects hull retention with hulless barleys?

I know nothing about barley, but would assume it would thrash similar to wheat.  Just as in wheat, different varieties have different thrashing characteristics, some easier and some more difficult.  I would document the grain in question and see if a certain variety is demonstrating that possibility.  And finally, combine settings as well as their operators vary widely.  

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