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What weed plan?

I've had some waterhemp escapes and am convinced that it's time to rethink my weed control program.


Cultivation is not an option for me at this time on most of the acres.  Some I can till.

I do my own spraying.  


I was thinking of LL soybeans and RR corn, but the soybean yields on LL aren't the best.  I suppose I could plant RR soybeans and use conventional herbicides, but I've not liked the results of that before.


Any ideas on herbicde programs that you've seen work? 

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Re: What weed plan?

  With ragweed in some fields and now marestail everywhere it looks to be 2-4-D will be used more.  I just hate having to wait a week to plant after spraying it though.  Roundup with it is OK too if temps are 68 or higher.  1 bad ragweed field I plan on conventional tillage.  I did it that way 2 years ago and it worked out good.

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