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Wheat breaking up corn-soybean rotation?


We have a story that's slated for our May issue about inserting wheat in a corn-soybean rotation. It's been a good fit agronomically where weather is conducive to wheat production. Was wondering how economically it fits, particularly with the price plunge over the past few months. 


Is this something you would ever consider doing?


Gil Gullickson

Crops Technology Editor

Successful Farming 

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Re: Wheat breaking up corn-soybean rotation?

Depending on your geographical location, a wheat, double cropped bean scenario can be more profitable than corn only or beans only. The southern latitudes of the I states do this well.
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Veteran Advisor

Re: Wheat breaking up corn-soybean rotation?

Wheat only works in my part of Iowa if you have an outlet for the straw, often a contract with highway departments or landscapers who need the chopped straw for erosion control.  Not much wheat used for feed around here as the smaller feeding operations continue to shut down.

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Re: Wheat breaking up corn-soybean rotation?

Gil, wheat only works financially in my area if you have a good market for straw, or you need an open field to spread manure in the summer.

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