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Will A Wet Spring Call For Fungicide?

The Iowa State University article on crop diseases offers some tips on what to look for in deciding if you want to use a fungicide on corn.


My question is, can you still get fungicide on if you wait to scout the crop, or do you have to line up a spray plane ahead of time, before you know if you'll need it or not?  How do you deal with that?


Do you have a hi-crop sprayer that can clear corn at R1 and apply fungicide through it?

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Re: Will A Wet Spring Call For Fungicide?

Good topic Jim !  I was just thinking about this yesterday - as we are ripe here for problems - dew points over 70 or better .


But to answer your question - first I would ( on these rainy days ) go over you hybrids and see where they may be weak in disease or diseases - that will give you a better idea which hybrids you may want to keep a closer eye on and what disease may be poping up . 


Your question about geting over the top - Yes I do have one , for I had to have one as I did custom work - till this year - simi retired till I get a knee replacement - but if we do have an out break - I'm sure I'll be back in the saddle  -


As far as calling in a plane - most fert plants are on top of disease problems that may pop up and are scouting for them - around here - most plants will call the farmers to check there fields - what to look for and so on - If there is a problem they have most likely booked a plane to come in - Most dusters like to have so many acres to come in - unless you live next to one or it's based close to yeah - BTW you you have one at your home base Jim ?


One other thing -- and I'm NOT in sells - but last year I did a fungicide plot with Purdue to test a pretty new produce called Fortix - the claim to fame is that you can apply at V5 for season long controll - I could not get ours on till V-7 = rain - the hybrid I had out was very good on dsease controll - thus - what we wanted to check was the - so called - plant health effects - which we did not see any difference in treated vs non treated in yield . but A friend did apply it in southern IL and was very pleased with it - so if you are starting to see any problems with yours - Fortix may be an option - when most sprayes can still get over it and save the cost of a plane to come in .





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