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Winter wheat crop

For all of you in winter wheat areas, how is the crop coming along? My sense is maybe winterkill isn't as much of a worry as it was coming out of last winter? But I'd be interested in any of you who grow winter wheat sharing your experience.


Gil Gullickson

Crops Technology Editor

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Re: Winter wheat crop

Winter kill in my area is sporatic with no distinctive geographic pattern which leads me to believe that certain varieties are more hardy than others.  Just my nickels worth.  Drought is beginning to become more of a concern than winter kill.

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Re: Winter wheat crop

Crop adj out the other day. Areas in fields
That are winterkilll/drought. They are
Starting to write some fields off already.
It appears the earlier they planted the
Better. The double crop is really struggling.
I'm getting reports of the good looking
Stuff is going backward. First, warm spring
Temps caused some wheat to take off
And freeze.
And dryness.
You grab the plant and it pull right out
The ground is dry and is like fluff
Last few weeks wheat ground blowing.
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