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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Contributor

Wisconsin crops look good

Driving from Dubuque, IA to Oshkosh, WI, up through Madison on 151, the crops looked pretty good. Little sign of water damage. Beans clean and well developed, canopied, no yellow spots except for a few around Ripon. Corn looked good, uniform and all green. No yellow. Better looking than Iowa.
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Re: Wisconsin crops look good

You drove thru my neighborhood, Beaver Dam, and, yes , it does look great. But there are ponds under that beautiful canopy from 7-21 and22  monsoons. 8 inches. I'm watching to see what lasts longer, the ponds or the crop.   

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Re: Wisconsin crops look good

I live in Merrill, WI, about 180 mi north of  Madison, and we have some of the best crops that i have seen in this area.  Some has been hailed flat to the ground, and others are under water, but overall I can't complain.  Now if it would stop raining for a bit so we can get this wheat off the field, life would be great.

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