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Yellowing corn dry weather

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Used a new starter fert 9-18-9 at 4 gals. per acre, w/ qt. of nutri pak in the row at planting. We had an 1" of nice rain right after planting. 3 weeks went by and it was getting dry and the corn started to turn yellow. It really looked bad by the 4th week. Had tissue samples taken and the iron, calcium,copper, zinc,boron and aluminum were way above normal levels. So far no one has come up with an answer as to why the plants took up so much stuff. It was in almost all our fields, with different planting dates. We had some rain and they are looking much better. Anyone run into something like this, could it be low sulfur, to much boron? Thanks Paul

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Re: Yellowing corn dry weather

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Here are some corn pictures that might help you decide what your symptoms meant.


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