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Yield Reports So Far Early October

Talked to a friend near Galesburg, IL who says his beans are doing from average to quite well.  A friend in eastern Iowa said his were in the high 50's and thought that was better than average.  Another friend in EC IA had 70's.  I had one field that did well into the 60's.


I'm not hearing much on corn yields yet.

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Re: Yield Reports So Far Early October

Cut a field of beans today that went 63bu.  A cover crop of rye was terminated before planting in May.

I would say a little above average.  That 30' head sure is nice.  Years ago we started with a 16' then later had a 20'.  I will store these beans a long time.  Not much corn done around here even though it is drying fast.  Everyone focused on beans.  




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