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corn polination

tossel was two weeks ahead of ears comong out, the temps were hot, climate was dry,

silks look healthy on the ears

question-is the tossel too far gone to polinate the silks?????

I know I will find out in a few weeks, but I'm inpatient


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Re: corn pollination

I had the same situation here in Eastern North Carolina. We had a very hot and dry spell in June right when my corn was starting to tassel. I had one 60 acre field that has some sandy loam soil at one end at it dries out quick there. The corn there tasseled but most of it never put an ear out until we got a decent rain which was about two weeks after tassel272iE0EFBB6F2E04231D273i05A050157661FD3A274i4272ECC62A111BE6275iD961B6EF9E5CC97Bing. By then most of the pollen shed was over and the ears never developed, just an empty cob. The rest of the field where there was enough moisture for normal development will have yield loss because the ears are tipped back.

I  am going to try to send some pictures I took of the corn ears in that field. The worst looking ears will be where the soil was dryer.

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Re: corn pollination

thanks for the pics on your corn. Hard to take. BUt that can always be a part to farming. My corn is just like yours. Total loss.

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