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corn yields????

Guess I was born at night.  According to the USDA the corn crop condition declined between August 6 and the first report in September. Therefore it only makes sense that the yield would increase 3 bushels per acre. Here I have been hooping for good weather to optimize my yields when what I really needed was drought, floods, hail, and wind storms to increase yields.  Go figure guess we have been doing it wrong. 


Either that or USDA is just pitching #'s out so the trades can make a lot of $ on inside info.

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Re: corn yields????

Folks might be surprised how much 300+\- bu corn averages are out there.


gonna be just a few 100+\-  bean averages too.


maybe, just maybe a 16 billion bu corn crop total.

more likely a 15 billion + though.

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