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economical soybean herbicide program

was wondering what everyone else was using for an economical soybean herbicide program.  Have all the good ones here,

pigweeds, marestail, even some nutsedge, ragweed and a few devilsclaw..of course grass also.


i'm thinking authorty mtz with a grass herbicide..debating if going with glyphos, or maybe liberty.  generic liberty, but the company

not standing behind it too much, while if you use the real mccoy, if it fails, the company will pay for the next dose.

being told it's called the bankers to appy from 9 am to 5 pm, nice bright day, and humidty of 70%



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Re: economical soybean herbicide program

May want to look into some metribuzin and pummel for pre-plant. Then come back with liberty. R-Up seems to be pretty much worthless anymore for controlling the nasty ones anyways. Whether you do spring tillage or burndown, start clean. makes the fight a little easier if you dont start out losing from day one

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Re: economical soybean herbicide program

The most economical bean herbicide program is the one that works.   Either put a pre down or steel in the field, the yellows are cheap.  I have good luck with Sonic pre-emerge.    Flexstar GT is good post, but don`t cut rates, you got one shot on waterhemp and every escape will become unmanageable after Flexstar.   Dicamba beans sound good, but it`d be nice to get down the road when all the neighbors have it and everyone is fudging the label a little  😉


It seems chemicals didn`t get crazy high (some went down) like fertilizer and seed, so IMO the high priced things are where the cost cutting should come.  Chemicals are that "thin blue line" and if it ever breaks, you have a disaster.

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