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lots of folks chopping corn stalks this fall.....

notice lots of folks.....i mean alot! of folks spinning their cornstalks this fall after corn harvest.  some of the neighbors have always disced them, but i am amazed at how many are in the field with the brush hogs this fall.  they don't seem to be baling them.  just wondering what they know that i don't.  i am near st louis.  i know folks do a lot of that further north, but really first time i have noticed it in this area.  just wondering.

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Re: lots of folks chopping corn stalks this fall.....

I'm guessing these are folks going to corn on corn and wish to bury more residue. One of our locals is chopping stalks with the corn head then disk ripping deeply and following up with a vee ripper. Yes corn on corn is planned for nest year.


BTW the new JD corn heads with chopper blades do a marvelous job of shredding the corn stalks. Possibly even better than a quality stalk shredder.. I don't know about other brands.

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