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miller discs on wheat stubble that's not great

I purchased a set of miller offset discs and have yet to use them. My heavy clay  soil conditions are a little damp and I'm wondering whether to go back to my moldboard plow or  not. Any input appreciated.

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Re: miller discs on wheat stubble that's not great

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. We used to use offset discs around here...until we figured out we couldn't get a level field after using one. It always seemed that the one side would throw more dirt up into a ridge..and then you could see the darn thing all year long. They were very aggressive...but on clay soil..they have to create a "disc layer". If all you're doing is trying to mix sure don't have to use something as aggressive as an offset disc. A chisel plow..or disc chisel (one with well designed shank placements) will do just as well as an offset disc..and not leave a ridge on one side. If you want to plow..go ahead. Just don't forget you'll use more fuel trying to obtain a "sterile" soil surface...that you really don't need.

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