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need help with Rdp. resistant weeds

We're thinking that we've got a field that has Rdp. resistant waterhemp.  Sprayed a week ago and some are still green and look healthy.  They were 12-16 in. high and we used 32 oz. of Touchdown with speedway as a sticker.  The weather was near perfect all day high in the upper 80's and sunny with a little wind.  Field next to it sprayed with same tank mix got a good kill.  What do you recommend we do if these weeds don't die?  I'm going to say we got less than 33% complete kill in 80 acres. 

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Re: need help with Rdp. resistant weeds

three-tenths of an oz of First Rate/acre along with 32 to 40 oz of generic glyphosate plus.   The sticker in glyphosate plus is supposed to be enough of a surfactant but I think some NIS helps to insure the kill

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