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need help with tech

i know this isnt the blog for this question but can anybody tell me if a NH seeding tool and cart can be run by JD Gen 3 2630 monitor or do i have to buy an intelliview 3 or 4 to see if metersturn and bin levels? no var rate on seeder either
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Re: need help with tech

I wish I could help you but I can't.  You're right, this is probably better in the tech forum but it's pretty quiet there and I'm not sure you'd get an answer.  Your questions is a bit specific so unless someone is using this exact stuff it might be hard to get an accurate response.



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Re: need help with tech

Sorry hwr I am the same --- we get tech stung enough without blending colors together...  I think I have a permanent tech rash.


The cost of the stuff seems to be hard to miss... I keep thinking we need a little guage in the corner of the screen that tells us how full the coffee thermos is and a beeper when it is approaching low.





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