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no-till beans, 1oz sharpen, 1pint 2,4D, mso, ams

Any use this for burndown, have used sharpen in the past but was told to add 2,4D and it works better.  Then was told cannot use 2,4D right before planting because of seedling damage possible.  let me know your thaughts.

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Re: no-till beans, 1oz sharpen, 1pint 2,4D, mso, ams

The major selling point for the ability to plant immediately after application. Most 2,4-D ester labels call for a 7 day period between application and planting at the 1 pint rate. This is more important in soybeans than corn..although a real gully washer after application on corn will wash enough into the soil to damage it too. The thing is..if you don't get any..or aren't expecting any rain for a week...the 2,4-D won't hurt anything if you plant immediately after spraying. It's all a function of the chemical company wanting to be completely safe when printing their label. Sharpen plus 2,4-D will probably tear down bigger giant ragweed..and maybe some pokeweed or milkweed. But if you want something to really give you some more burndown..put a .25 lb.-.5 lb. of metribuzin with it. You'll get some small seeded broadleaf residual...and the burndown will approximate Gramoxone.

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