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winter wheat crop yield not great!

just talked with my harvester who just got home from the wheat run. Asked how it yielded being the ag talk people said it was great. He said it would be a great crop if the drown out and marginal land would have produced. He said every field on his run had at least 20-25% of the acres were zero from too much water earlier in the season. Up here in Northern ND a rain was needed 2-3 weeks ago to make a great crop. With the lack or rain the wheat and canola taking a big hit and the soys are in dire straits. Going to be ugly this year low bushels and low prices!

IMO a 25% set aside of acres like in the 80's seems prudent. Russia filling our wheat market ans South America filling our corn and bean market why not produce for our own markets? Seems as tho the tariff situation wont be resolved any time soon and any time our commodity prices become low enough to compete everybody elses currency drops in value keeping their crops more affordable. As i see it even if wheat was $1 a bushel and bread $.50 a loaf people will only eat so much. 

What say you?

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