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Re: 2013 Plans or Goals

Not precisely a farming business objective, but we need to finish the third rental house on Mike's VA farm through a spruce-up, to have it ready to rent this spring.  Mostly stuff like painting and cleaning.  We have a guy who wants to work a few hours a day on it for us, and we can trust him and he does decent work.  Some of it we will have to lend a hand on ourselves. 


Having the three houses on the place, other than the one we use ourselves, will pay all the direct expenses of ownership, like property taxes and insurance, and also fund our HSA and IRAs.  A fourth rental in NC is producing income and I have no immediate plans to do anything different on it, since it has a longterm tenant. 


I hear that my VA farm may be set for a repetition of titanium mining, which is what it is.   It is ruined as "land",  and there isn't anything you can do when someone holds a deed of mining lease. 


As for the NC farm , I concluded all the building plans I have for it for as far out as I can see.  We built a pile of stuff this year, even for us.  Sheds, restoring the old country store we bouht a couple fo years ago into my shop and a family and friends gym space, etc.  Nothing huge, except for adding a roatary composter to the farm for mortalities in the hog operation.   


We are out of growth mode for now, and into a maintenance stance.  Some of the buildings on Mike's place need cleaning out and some repairs, too.  There isn't a structure on either of the two farms I own in VA, and this one got a going-over this year. 


I need a peaceful year, after the emotional stress of losing our daughter last May.  We are still struggling with accepting that harsh fact. 


Having the whole farm up there where she lived come out of its former tenants, and needing serious fixing for new ones.  I got rid of one thorn in my side here in NC,on a parcel I bought with a trailer on it...finally got her to move it and her trifling crowd off to a place where I do not ever have to see them again. 


I hope to spend time with our one-year-old grandson, and doing things that make me happy for a change this year.  Oh, I have to tune myself up for a third-degree black belt test in taekwondo later in 2013.  Got some serious conditioning to do to be ready for that.  More internal things than external ones this year here. 





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