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Re: 2013 Plans or Goals

My only goal for 2013 is to keep my wife happy. 7 months ago she finished a very large remodeling project to our house in which she had them add a large addition to the top floor of our house which included a new master bedroom suite, walk-in closet, his and her bathrooms, an additional office, and a small sitting/whatever room.that she also uses as a sewing room.She also added a TV/Home Theater room in the 3rd level, with a large Plasma TV for the kids. Houses are very much a waste of money, and not really an investment since for most people they do not generate any cash flow like farmland does. However, the wife enjoys the house and I guess that is important. I would be happy in a double-wide trailer with a TV Set to watch football games and a Frig full of beer. That is all I need. Anyway, she is remodeling the kitchen in 2013 and tells me this will finish all the home remodeling she will do. I pray to God that she is correct and the kitchen remodel will finish the house.

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